Jay Cutler Votes For Donald Trump, Confrims He Is An Awful Quarterback


CHICAGO, November 15 – While most NFL players and personnel have chosen to remain silent since the presidential election, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is proud to have cast a ballot for Donald Trump. In related news, this past weekend Cutler was also able to confirm that he is not good at playing football.

His enthusiasm for Mr. Trump was on full display in the Bears’ 36-10 defeat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the normally dour and unexpressive signal caller appeared downright demonstrative and effusive while completing 16 of 30 passes for 182 yard and two interceptions.

His attitude caught many teammates off guard as they have long grown accustomed to Cutler appearing as if he does not ‘give a shit’.

The loss drops the hapless Bears to 2-7 on the year and while Cutler’s reign in Chicago will most likely come to a merciful conclusion at the end of the regular season, it’s not all bad news for the Santa Claus, Indiana native as President-Elect Trump remains so impressed by the Smokin’ Jay Cutler meme that he promised to consider Cutler for an opening with the surgeon general.

In related news, Donald Trump is also thinking about New England Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick for White House Press Secretary and Buffalo Bills’ offensive lineman Richie Incognito for wife Melania’s cyber bullying task force.

Glory Be To The Gridiron

Another season of NFL football is upon us, that time of the year when our collective consciousness shifts away from the pews and pulpits to the sanctuary of the sofa. Where the term Hail Mary has an entirely different connotation and Saints and sacks are venerated equally. Football’s popularity is truly Biblical in proportion and for many, therein lies the trepidation and concern.

In 2014 the violence on the field is still very much a part of the appeal but the handling of the violence off the field has brought the integrity of the league into question. As the most popular sport in the U.S. the NFL has a significant standard to uphold, one that should include zero tolerance for domestic violence. Roger Goodell’s handling of the Ray Rice situation damaged the trust between fans and the NFL. The Commissioner’s recent decision to apply stricter punishments moving forward to players and team personnel involved in domestic violence is a clear indication and acknowledgment of a past mistake and lapse in ethical leadership.

But has the damage already been done? Has the brutality and hubris of the NFL finally caught up to them? There were many fans this summer who threatened to swear off football if the league didn’t change its ways. For those people the ultimate tests arrives this Thursday night on NBC as the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks welcome the Green Bay Packers to town in what should be a television ratings bonanza. Will enough households not watch for the NFL and its advertisers to take notice or will The Shield weather this latest wave of criticism like it did the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin hazing situation or the ongoing concussion lawsuits?

In all likelihood, the popularity of the sport, at least on television, marches forward and while the league still needs to deal with other pressing concerns like stagnant stadium attendance and dwindling participation at youth levels, fans will continue to flock to bars and basements to watch the carnage unfold because if there’s one sport that can recover from the obtuse mishandling of the Ray Rice situation it’s the NFL, a league now so synonymous with Sunday that in many parts of the country snap counts have replaced sermons as the ultimate form of repentance.

Long ago football and the NFL figured out that their sport is as much about community as it is anything else. Friends love to gather together to cheer on their favorite teams and players. That socialization, that fraternization, cannot be easily replaced or manufactured which is why football remains king of the field, court and pitch.

So like it or not, and unless television screens across the country remain dark, football as our national pastime is here to stay.




NFL Week 13 Power Poll

Last night, Philip Rivers looked like a better quarterback than Peyton Manning. During the Colts 36-14 loss at home to the Chargers, Manning looked old and injured.  Rivers orchestrated his offense with ease and was hailed as a “great, inspirational leader” by both Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth. Personally, I have never been a huge fan of either Manning or Rivers, mostly because they have been two of the Patriots, and Tom Brady’s, main adversaries during the past decade. So, it makes no real difference to me that Manning looked past his prime last night while Rivers continues his quiet ascension to the upper echelon of NFL QBs.

Enough is enough. On to the week 13 power poll!

1. New England Patriots (9-2): Welcome back Deion Branch. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

2. Baltimore Ravens (8-3): Appointment TV Sunday night when Ravens host Pittsburgh for control of NFC North.

3. Atlanta Falcons (9-2): Fact. Tony Gonzalez shows no signs of aging.

4. New York Jets (9-2): I’ll be waiting all week for Monday Night!

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3): My heart is still breaking for Buffalo. Also, my new personal grooming philosophy is to grow facial hair like Ryan Fitzpatrick.

6. New Orleans Saints (8-3): People aren’t talking enough about Malcolm Jenkins and his amazing strip of Roy Williams during the Thanksgiving game vs the Cowboys. That play kept the Saints alive for the top seed in the NFC.

7. San Diego Chargers (6-5): Mike Tolbert is built like a rubix cube.  He also won me my weekly fantasy matchup.

8. Chicago Bears (8-3): You know how people always say that the tv adds 10 pounds. Well, in the case of Jay Cutler, the tv makes him look at least 45% more unlikeable what with all the poor body language and dismissive gestures.

9. Green Bay Packers (7-4): Aaron Rodgers is a gunslinger. GUNSLINGER!!!

10. Philadelphia Eagles (7-4): I hope Soldier Field never gets rid of the grass but man, that field did not look easy to play on Sunday.

Share your views.

NFL Football: On the 11th Day of Waiting

When Jon (finally) allowed me to begin contributing, he emailed me an initial password with which to log in.  That night was Wednesday and the password was “BradSmith”.

Smith, dubbed by the New York Jets coaching staff “Mr. Everything”, responded in kind to the lofty responsibility of having a password named after him.  First, he took an early 2nd Half end-around and scooted, untouched, 53 yards into the end zone to give Gang Green a lead they would not give back.  It’s worth noting that he was, in fact, wearing two cleats for the entirety of the scoring play.  The same can not be said when B-16 took a short Cincy kickoff 89 yards to the funhouse.  About 50 yards from the end zone, Smith lost a shoe.  Seriously, he finished the return after kicking his cleat off and outrunning the last line of Bengal defenders in an athletic sock.

After finishing off the feckless Bengals 26-10, for the first time in my life, the Jets are 9-2, and will remain so for the next 11 days while the entire Northeast waits with held breath for next Monday night’s “Game Of The Year ” against the 9-2 Patriots, who devoured a feisty Lions squad 45-24.

Over the course of the coming week, next Monday’s game is going to receive its fair share of dissection. A lot will be said about the two quarterbacks. Mark Sanchez has been elusive, creative, and brilliant at times during his sophomore season. Tom Brady has a triple-figure passer rating and hair straight out of a Nickelback video. The Patriots offense is decidedly short on weapons, and it seems that’s the way they like it, having jettisoned one of the best deep-threat wide receivers in the history of the sport. Their register of non-household names just seems to keep rolling, racking up points like the scoreboard operator is the enemy.

See you next Monday night, football fans! Share your views.

NFL Thursday Night: Maybe It’s a Miami Thing

Yesterday, I gave a view from the Heat/Suns game and wrote about how the fans in Miami do not support their basketball team like they should .  Last night, during the Dolphins Thursday Night Football game against the Bears, things became clearer to me.  Maybe it’s a Miami thing.

During the the second half of Chicago’s convincing 16-0 win over Miami, it became clear to TV viewers that Bears supporters in Sun Life Stadium were the much more vocal group.  This could have been a product of the game itself.  The Dolphins looked lost on offense and eventually wore down on defense.  The Bears were solid on both sides of the ball, especially on defense, where they sacked a hapless Tyler Thigpen 6 times. So Chicago did have much more to cheer about during the game.

However, why were there so many Bears fans in the stadium to begin with? Did a lot of Midwesterners travel down to South Florida for an early Thanksgiving break?  Are the Chicago Bears truly one of “America’s Teams” with a national fanbase?  Or, like with the Heat, do people in Miami have priorities that prevent them from supporting the Dolphins?

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