If Gambling Were Legal: NFL Divisional Playoffs


New Orleans (-3.5) over SAN FRANCISCO – What if, as the San Francisco 49ers suggest, Saints running back Darren Spoles is so good, it’s unfair? Is this something Roger Goodell can look into? Can the NFL add a special section of guidelines just for Sproles? Is there any precedent? The Detroit Pistons did after all all come up with the Jordan Rules to help put a stop to the Chicago Bulls. But Darren Sproles is no Michael Jordan. Maybe BJ Armstrong but definitely not Jordan. I think we should have Jon Gruden and Mike Pereira debate the issue on live tv, preferably during one of the CBS/Fox pregame laugh fests.

Speaking of pregame shows that have descended into the ludicrous, the addition of Shaq to the Inside the NBA crew on TNT has not helped to improve the overall quality. Talk about ruining a good thing. Not only does Shaq add very little value, it seems that he has taken to cursing on the air. I see Ted Turner reassigning the Diesel to TNT’s Nascar coverage by mid February.

Denver (+13.5) over NEW ENGLAND – My dad is trying to convince me that we should go to this game . We have yet to procure any tickets and normally I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of spending hundreds of dollars to be there in person especially when the overall quality of the experience is much much better at home when sitting between a bowl full of Mint M&M’s and a 6 pack of Smuttynose IPA. But, Saturday night could be special and when I say special what I really mean to say is biblical. The forecast is calling for frigid temps with the occasional snow shower. If there is any accumulation on the Gillette Stadium turf then it could be nice to be there in person for when the Ark shows up.


Houston (+7.5) over BALTIMORE – I like that Joe Flacco is getting a little sassy with reporters who are claiming that he’s the weak link in the otherwise impenetrable Ravens armor. Good for Flacco, a little pith and vinegar out of your young quarterback is a good thing. Now, if Flacco starts doing the Ray Lewis “Gladiator” introduction dance we will probably have to revisit this conversation.

New York (+7.5) over GREEN BAY – If spite were a determining factor then I would have taken the Packers to cover and win by at least three touchdowns. As a Patriots fan, any and all comparisons between this Giants team and 2007 sends me into a hypnotic trance. I kinda hope New York loses a close game just to avoid any future David Tyree where is he now stories.

view from the Frozen Tundra courtesy of @packers