View from Spring Training 2011: Cleveland Indians

2011 Cleveland Indians

NFL Equivalent – Cleveland Browns: If it all possible, we wanted to avoid comparing teams from the same city. However, in this case, it’s just too easy. Oh Cleveland. You know what, I’m sorry. It’s not pity, it’s just simple compassion for a fan base that has been raked over the professional sports coals over and over again. King James, Art Modell, The Drive, Edgar Renteria: the list of sports heartbreaks goes on and on. Poor Cleveland. Indians, Browns, there is no joy in Mudville but hey, at least you have the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and this sweet tourism video.

Google Search: Where did Shin-Soo Choo come from? Sure when he arrived in the majors he showed some promise but I don’t think anyone, except maybe the Cleveland brass, expected him to be this good. It almost takes away the sting of two disappointing seasons by Grady Sizemore, almost. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that the Indians were being helped to an ALDS win by a swarm of midges? Alas, four years later and the Indians don’t appear to be anywhere close to making the playoffs. Regrettably, it may be the end of this decade before the Indians have enough talent to make any kind of real run.

Famous Movie Quote: So an eerie start for the Erie warriors as they drop a heartbreaker to the Yankees 9-0. The post game show is brought to you by… Christ I can’t find it, to hell with it! – Harry Doyle from Major League

I couldn’t have quoted any other especially considering that Charlie Sheen has recently pledged to finance and star in Major League 3: Ricky Vaughn and the Goddesses. Sadly the 2011 Indians will resemble Lou Brown’s team from the beginning of the film more than the end. It is going to be a bumpy road. Manny Acta could try stripping a piece of clothing off a cutout of Gloria James after every win, but even that might not be enough. 2011 Record: 72-90, 4th AL Central

view from Salt River Fields courtesy of @SDarkwingDuck