Under Armour Defeats Nike. Declared BCS Champ.

For starters, let me thank the NCAA, ESPN, and Tostitos for ruining any chance I had at maintaining a reasonable sleep cycle this week.  That 6am alarm came awfully early this morning.

Now to the game. The upset of the night didn’t take place on the slick grass field of University of Phoenix Stadium.  In fact, few people are surprised Auburn defeated Oregon 22-19 on a last second field goal.  No. The most shocking, unexpected, unpredictable event from the BCS Championship Game was that the Oregon cheerleaders received twice as much air time as their Tiger counterparts.  The ESPN cameras were seemingly fixated on the “Women of Eugene”. My wife was actually the first to catch this “inequality” and went on to say that it was probably because they were wearing “skimpier uniforms”. Whatever the reason, last night the PAC 10 was greater than the SEC in at least one regard.

About that “slick” field.  With the number of times players lost their footing I think it’s safe to say that last night was the final time the BCS will be growing their grass in the state of Oregon.  In the future, any other state will do. Try Vermont, great turf up there.

I made this joke last night, but doesn’t Gene Chizik remind you of a personal trainer? He seems like the sort of man who has over 100 exercises to help you strengthen your core. I also liked how he kept saying “War Eagle” over and over again during his postgame interview.  “War Eagle” has now become my favorite way of answering a question I don’t understand:

Colleague: What sort of information do we include in our TPS reports?

Me: War Eagle.

Colleague: But, aren’t we supposed to be using new cover sheets?

Me: War Eagle.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their BCS experience and that in 3 years Auburn isn’t forced to return their national championship trophy due to major “rules infractions”.

view of University of Phoenix Stadium courtesy of @randallbartlett