The Coach Potato: Becoming A Beer Snob

The Coach Potato: Lessons For a Lifestyle That Cannot Possibly Be Sustained

Episode One: Becoming A Beer Snob

Whereas wine was the drink of kings, beer has and will always be the people’s choice. Which is one reason why the craft beer craze has become so frustrating. It use to be you’d go to a store and pick up a couple simple sixers of Budweiser or Miller High Life (Heineken if you really felt like splurging). Now? Too many choices. Plus, even your blue collar beer drinking friends have all developed particular palates which only adds to the confusion as you pace up and down the microbrew aisle looking like you misplaced your car keys.

If you really want to impress your friends, but don’t have the slightest idea about the difference between filtered an unfiltered (duh, it’s all about the forced carbonation), then here are two suggestions.

Suggestion #1: Beerviz (link via Deadspin) has a helpful interactive guide that allows anyone who passed high school geometry to follow the line and find a fancy sounding beer that may cost a few extra dollars but is sure to impress the most taste discerning of beer snobs.

Suggestion #2: And if you’re worried about the authenticity of the beer, then download the Craft Check app (link via Uncrate) and use your phone to ensure that your beer is craft enough.

And if these suggestions don’t help then find some new friends. Life’s too short.