Your “Real Men Wear Hair Extensions” Monday Night Football Preview

Before getting to the main course, a few quick words regarding the Sunday Night football appetizer between the Ravens and Steelers. That was an incredibly entertaining football game.  Definitely worth staying up for. Ben Roethlisberger’s nose has never looked better.

Speaking of the playoffs, tonight’s Patriots/Jets game in Foxboro has some serious postseason implications. I would put my readiness level for this game somewhere between DEFCON 4 and 5.  I haven’t been this excited for a regular season game since Jimmy Chitwood’s return from self imposed exile.  My wife and I are expecting our first child next month and I can tell you that this would be a bad evening to go into early labor. I have been waiting for this game to start since the moment I woke up this morning. It’s a good thing I’m not under some sort of performance review because I was really bad at my job today.

Furthermore, I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself until kickoff at 8:30.  I’m all caught up at work so no need to stay in the office. Went to the gym this morning so don’t need to exercise. Christmas tree is up so scratch that off the list.  We don’t have a dog so there is nothing at home that I can take for a long walk. I guess the house could use a little cleaning but that can always wait until the weekend. So really, I have nothing to keep me occupied except my own thoughts and that is always dangerous.  A caller on the WFAN just named Mark Sanchez this generations Joe Namath.  Ughhhhhh. Never easy being a Pats fan in the Tri-State Area. Radio silence begins now. New England 27-14. GO PATS!!!!! Share your views.

NFL Week 12: Buffalo and the Ultimate Sadness

The Buffalo Bills lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 16-13 in overtime.  Pittsburgh came into this afternoon’s game as a 7 point favorite over the much maligned Bills.  Buffalo had their fair share a chances to win the game, including a dropped touchdown in OT by Stevie Johnson who has since used twitter to blame a higher power for his misfortune.  Today’s loss ends the Bills two game winning streak and helps the Steelers keep pace with the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC North.  Of greater concern to me is wondering what the current state of mind must be like for the city and fans of Buffalo after yet another devastating loss.

Like most of the country, Buffalo has been hit hard by our most recent economic downturn. Fans in upstate New York continue to turn to their beloved Bills in search of an opportunity to escape from the daily doldrums of financial insecurity.  As far as I can tell, Buffalo continues to fill up Ralph Wilson Stadium and care about a team that hasn’t been a threat in the AFC East since the days of Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, and Thurman Thomas. And how is the organization repaying their loyal fans? By moving games to Toronto….Canada. I understand that the NFL is looking to expand into new markets and owners are driven to increase revenue by building stadiums with more luxury boxes.  But the Bills organization owes it to their city and fans to put a better product on the field and help keep the team in Buffalo. If they go, what happens to the city?

I’m on your side Bills fans.  Keep showing up to games and here’s hoping your team remains competitive this year and beyond (especially against the Jets). Share your views!

NFL Roundup: The Lights Went Out in New Jersey

…and the same could be said for the NY Giants who were completely trounced by the lowly 1-7 Dallas Cowboys by a final score of 33-20.  Everyone was surprised by the outcome of yesterday’s game including the operators of the New Meadowlands Stadium, who, for their part, did all they could to ensure that the national TV audience would be unable to witness what was transpiring on the field.

Do not be alarmed, this is an actual image taken from yesterday’s Giants/Cowboys game at the New Meadowlands Stadium.  The blackout lasted for a mere 30 seconds or so before power was gradually restored throughout the stadium.  The game itself was delayed by a total of 12 minutes, which, was not nearly as long as the Giants would have liked considering the final score.

In other NFL news, the Mark Sanchez led Jets won their second overtime game in a row, defeating the Cleveland Browns by a score of 26-20.  The Patriots were able to stay atop the AFC East alongside the Jets with their 39-26 dismantling of the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night.

What impressed you the most about Week 10 in the NFL?  Share your views!