World Series Game 1: Unexpected Results

Before last night, I would not have predicted that Juan Uribe would be your 2010 World Series Game 1 MVP.  His three run homerun in the bottom of the 5th inning all but sealed the deal for the Giants, who would go on to outlast the Texas Rangers by a final score of 11-7.  Cliff Lee wasn’t good (too much time off?), giving up 6 earned runs over 4.2 innings. Tim Lincecum wasn’t much better but was saved by the Giant offensive explosion.

Heading into the series, everyone wondered whether or not the Giants would be able to score enough runs to beat the Rangers and Cliff Lee.  Well, if last night was any indication, San Fran is more than up to the challenge. Are people surprised by how easy the Giants made it look against Lee? Did anyone else fall asleep before the game ended at 11:30? Share your views.

NLCS Game 4: We’re that much closer to a Giants/Rangers World Series

How do the Philadelphia Phillies conceivably come back from a 3-1 series deficit?  They have Roy Halladay pitching tonight and then, if necessary, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels in games 6 & 7.  Against most opponents, I would say this presents a favorable pairing for the Phillies.  However, the Giants are not most opponents.  Tonight, they will trot Tim Lincecum out to the mound in a pitching rematch of Game 1 where Lincecum beat Halladay in Philadelphia.  With Jonathan Sanchez and Matt Cain waiting in the wings for games 6&7, do people really believe that Philadelphia is going to win 3 games in a row?

The advertising department over at Fox Sports must be going crazy right now thinking about the prospects of a Texas Rangers/San Francisco Giants World Series.  Two major markets, in San Fran and Dallas, but not a lot of national appeal for either team.  We shall see how it all pans out.  As a fan, I’m hoping for a Philly win tonight and more baseball from Philadelphia this weekend.