An Imaginary Conversation With The Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo

In order to satisfy my growing curiosity with the 2014-15 Milwaukee Bucks I decided to live blog Tuesday night’s game vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers. Somehow this play-by-play account morphed into an imaginary one-sided conversation with the ‘Greek Freak’ Giannis Antetokounmpo. A full rebuttal from Giannis in The Player’s Tribune should be forthcoming.

1st Half 

Giannis, can I call you Giannis? Your adoring fans, of which there are an increasing number, call you the ‘Greek Freak’ but since I am only a recent admirer of your work I do not feel entirely comfortable calling you by a nickname. Unless it’s something that we come up with together. Something that taps a bit more into your unique cultural heritage. Like Zeus. Poseidon? What about the Acropolis? How about I just call you Giannis?

Happy that you have cracked the starting lineup again tonight although that hasn’t always been the case this season as your coach Jason Kidd has done his best to limit your minutes. Same for your teammate and fellow teen sensation Jabari Parker. Do you believe that your 19 year old body can handle more of a workload or are you still adjusting to the relentless rigors of an NBA season? As fans we wish you’d play 40 minutes a game but at this point in your career that might not be practical.

Look at you, all grown up and guarding LeBron James. Your length should give him fits around the perimeter but do you have the foot speed to keep up with him when he drives to the basket?

First points of the game on a lovely drive to your left. Have you always been ambidextrous or is that just what basketball aficionados mean when they say that you have only begin to scratch the surface of how talented a player you can become?

Seems like you need to get a little stronger on the boards. As a 6’11’’ man with a 7’2” wingspan you should be dominating on the glass but coming into this game you are only averaging 6 rebounds a game. How come? Maybe it’s because you are a very skinny man who once you beef up a bit it will become easier for you grab those boards. The lovely folks of Wisconsin would be more than happy to help fatten you up with a sampling of some of their local delicacies like bratwurst and cheese curds. [Read more…]