Falling Asleep During the BCS Championship

And I know I wasn’t the only person who drifted off to dreamland right around the same time as LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson overthrew a WR for the 20th time that evening. As far as I can tell, the only two redeeming qualities from last night’s BCS Championship Game, which Alabama won nearly by default, were Brent Musberger’s love affair with the Honey Badger and the fact that Nick Saban left his headlights on at halftime.

Other than this, we learned very little about either LSU or the Crimson Tide that we didn’t already know, other than Bobby Hebert continues to find a way to keep himself in the headlines and that having a ticket to the championship game didn’t actually entitle you to a seat. Once again, blame the media!

View from the Superdome courtesy of @ManUpTexasBBQ

Under Armour Defeats Nike. Declared BCS Champ.

For starters, let me thank the NCAA, ESPN, and Tostitos for ruining any chance I had at maintaining a reasonable sleep cycle this week.  That 6am alarm came awfully early this morning.

Now to the game. The upset of the night didn’t take place on the slick grass field of University of Phoenix Stadium.  In fact, few people are surprised Auburn defeated Oregon 22-19 on a last second field goal.  No. The most shocking, unexpected, unpredictable event from the BCS Championship Game was that the Oregon cheerleaders received twice as much air time as their Tiger counterparts.  The ESPN cameras were seemingly fixated on the “Women of Eugene”. My wife was actually the first to catch this “inequality” and went on to say that it was probably because they were wearing “skimpier uniforms”. Whatever the reason, last night the PAC 10 was greater than the SEC in at least one regard.

About that “slick” field.  With the number of times players lost their footing I think it’s safe to say that last night was the final time the BCS will be growing their grass in the state of Oregon.  In the future, any other state will do. Try Vermont, great turf up there.

I made this joke last night, but doesn’t Gene Chizik remind you of a personal trainer? He seems like the sort of man who has over 100 exercises to help you strengthen your core. I also liked how he kept saying “War Eagle” over and over again during his postgame interview.  “War Eagle” has now become my favorite way of answering a question I don’t understand:

Colleague: What sort of information do we include in our TPS reports?

Me: War Eagle.

Colleague: But, aren’t we supposed to be using new cover sheets?

Me: War Eagle.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their BCS experience and that in 3 years Auburn isn’t forced to return their national championship trophy due to major “rules infractions”.

view of University of Phoenix Stadium courtesy of @randallbartlett

Winter Storm Grounds War Eagle

The Big Game is finally here, so get your corn chips and salsa ready because the College Football playoffs end tonight! (Whoops. Sorry about that. It’s been so long since a CFB game mattered that I just totally forgot there isn’t actually a playoff system. My bad.)

The Auburn Tigers and Oregon Ducks have somehow managed to crack the “Members Only Club” that has, up to now, seemed to only feature the USCs, Floridas, and Ohio States of the world.  Oregon and Auburn will be only the 13th and 14th teams to vie for college football’s national championship when they kick off at the University of Phoenix Stadium tonight.

Much of the protracted pre-game talk has swirled around Auburn’s Heisman-winning behemoth of a quarterback, Cam Newton. (Newton is like a strange cross between Herschel Walker and Ben Roethlisberger minus the whole multiple personality/sexual misconduct thing.)  He has morphed from a ballyhooed junior college (after a brief stop at Florida) signing to an unstoppable, dual-threat, dixie legend. On the other side of the ball is senior DT Nick Fairley, a prodigious talent in his own right.  Recently maligned for some of his questionable tactics in the trenches, Fairley is widely considered the best run stopper in the nation.

On the Nike side of the ball, Oregon sophomore RB LaMichael James, who watched as the door was opened for him last season when then starting RB LeGarrette Blount punched a Boise State player in the face, has swooshed onto the scene this season.  Feet like Barry Sanders and breakaway speed like Chris Johnson, James is the embodiment of the Ducks’ Green Flash offensive attack. If you’re searching for a wild card who might change the game, look no further than Oregon specialists Cliff Harris and Kenjon Barner, who, together create the kind of open field terror that has been haunting Tom Coughlin’s dreams for the past month.

The game itself is being billed as one of the toughest tickets in the history of modern sports, what with two proud schools that travel well, even to the point that StubHub had to shut down resales on its website multiple times this past week because of demand.

In a close contest, with slightly more big game experience, a better coach, and excellent special-teamers, the mighty Ducks knock down the goalposts and hoist the “O”.  VMS Pick: Oregon 34 Auburn 31

view of the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Courtesy of @jcard