Statistical Analysis Shows a Correlation Between the Uniform and Winning

Count me down as one of the many people who enjoy a good throwback uniform.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wore the creamsicle throwback uniforms today during their 28-24 loss to the Atlanta Falcons at Raymond James Stadium.  Longtime Tampa fans probably did not enjoy seeing their team wear the old “orange and white” as the franchise was absolutely abysmal during the first twenty years of existence until becoming the “Pewter Pirates” in 1996. Still, for fans like myself, seeing teams wearing retro uniforms brings me back to my childhood when life was much simpler and primary colors ruled supreme.

Which reminds me, as a Patriot fan I can tell you that no one, I repeat nobody, thinks their current uniform is better than the old red/white/blue Pat the Patriot.  Ask my dad, who, without fail, will call me anytime the Pats are wearing the throwbacks and tell me that they ought to switch back permanently. Although, like the Buccaneers, maybe there is a connection between the uniform and winning as New England wasn’t consistently good until changing into their current unis. Come to think of it, the Patriots recent success might also have something to do with the coach and quarterback. In either case, is it Monday night yet? Share your views?