SOPA Makes Things Dark Including Sports Blogs

If you don’t yet totally understand why today websites like Google, Reddit, Wikipedia, etc, have gone dark, join the club. If you’d like to develop of firmer understanding of the proposed SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) legislation read this. My senses are that any bill which potentially limits an individual or websites ability to use or link to content must go through some serious revisions before becoming law.

If the Justice Dept is really given greater juridiction online, websites will be forced to allocate a much more significant portion of their resources to ensuring that they are not linking to foreign websites whose primary purpose is to sell stolen or counterfeit goods. (Have at it MPAA!!!) Now, at this point, all this means very little to us here at viewmyseats. Apparently you need to have more than 10 uniques a day for the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover to give two shits.

Speaking of giving a shit, I for one loved how much Denard Robinson and other Meechigan people cared about last night’s Wolverines victory over instate rival, and little brother, Michigan State. If you’ve ever played or coach against a 1-3-1 zone you understand that it requires some serious game planning, offensive precision, and adjustment. In other words, ask Shooter.