Sunday Night Football: “Just when I think I’m out…they pull me back in.”

Today, the day after the Patriots disposed of the Dolphins 41-14, Michael Corleone speaks for all of New England.  Is their precocious defense finally living up to expectations or is Chad Henne incapable of leading a team into the playoffs?  Last night, the red, white, and blue had the field covered, playing so well on defense and special teams that they forced Miami to fire their special teams coach.  So much for job security.

Ryder Cup Recap: A Continent Defeats a Country

Give the US team credit for fighting back Monday during the singles matches to make the final result, 14.5/13.5, much closer than it could have been.  After Graeme McDowell sunk this big putt on 16, it was pretty much curtains for Hunter Mahan and the Americans.  4am made for an early Monday morning and even longer day of work.  Credit goes to NBC for streaming the entire day of singles matches online.  It does raise the question, why wouldn’t they have done this everyday?  Looking forward to catching up on some sleep tonight. Here’s hoping Pats/Fins is over at the half

NFL Week 4 Sunday Recap

The Colts are bad. No, they’re good.  Wait, really good.  Hold on, bad again.  This picture comes to us from today’s Jags/Colts game where Josh Scobee hit a game winning 59 yard field goal to send Indy home with a 2-2 record.  What’s more amazing than the actual outcome of the game is that this section of the upper deck was not covered in a tarp.  Much like the Rays in baseball, the Jaguars need to relocate.  Now that USC is on probation, maybe LA gets another shot at pro football.

NFL Week 3 Power Poll: The Jets Might Be Good After All

I know I’m a week late with this picture, but, in my defense, if you had these seats you  would want to show them off too.  My tickets came compliments of a friend who works in the stadium operations department at the New Meadowlands (no possible way I could have paid for them myself).  With the prices they are charging, I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of empty seats come November and December.  If you are planning a trip to the New Meadowlands any time soon, I suggest you look up the bus schedule out of the NYC Port Authority. The train out of Penn Station was a nightmare.

If a tree falls in Tropicana Field

…is anyone there to hear it?  As Evan Longoria and David Price both lash out at Tampa Bay Rays fans for not supporting their team, I am left wondering how Central Florida ended up with a baseball team in the first place.  I thought baseball in Florida was reserved for Spring Training?  Maybe Rays fans are saving money for playoff tickets.  Perhaps the Gators, Noles, and Hurricanes have reasserted their control of the Florida sports scene.  Whatever the reason, It’s a shame really because the Rays have a legitimate shot at winning the World Series this year.