MLB Playoffs: Poor, poor Brooks Conrad

Before Sunday nights Braves/Giants divisional playoff game, most baseball fans would have probably struggled to pick Brooks Conrad out of a lineup.  This morning, after he committed 3 errors in last nights 3-2 Braves loss, Conrad has emerged as Bill Buckner reincarnate.  Tonight, Atlanta will try to pick up the pieces and even the series at 2.  Will Conrad start at second base?  None of this really matters however as neither team stands much of a chance in the NLCS vs the Philadelphia Phillies and their dominate starting pitching.

Pac 10 Football: How the mighty have fallen

I wasn’t surprised to see Stanford march down the field with a minute remaining in the 4th quarter.  I wasn’t surprised to see Stanford kick a game winning field goal as time expired.  I wasn’t surprised to see Stanford beat USC by a final score of 37-35.  This is not the USC that we grew accustomed to watching during the first decade of the 21st century. And with NCAA sanctions yet to even really take root, even harder times to follow for Troy.  For Stanford, things have been looking up since Jim Harbaugh took over the program in 2007.  I asked my step brother, a Stanford grad student and amateur photographer, if the school really cares about the football program now.  His response, “let me do some research and get back to you”. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from a Stanford grad student.

MLB Playoffs Are Here: All Eyes On History

Looks like Roy Halladay’s no-hitter caught the attention of the Target Field jumbotron operator.  If you look carefully, you can also see the Yankees sneaking a peek from the outfield.  Congrats to Doc on a masterful pitching performance. Congrats to Carlos Ruiz for not tripping on Brandon Phillips bat while recording the final out.  How in the world do the Reds bounce back from this?