Our Guilty Pleasure

We say we don’t care. But we do.

We say we won’t watch. But we will.

We say that the final score doesn’t matter. But it does.

We say it’s not our night to put the kids to bed. But it is.

We say that we won’t leave the dishes in the sink over night. But we forget.

We say that air pressure is overrated. But it isn’t.

We say that all teams cheat. But we know better.

We say that Tom Brady wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump. But he might.

We say that nobody’s perfect. But we lie.

We say that the Steelers will cover the spread. But we’ve been down this road before.

We say that none of this matters because at the end of the day it’s still just a bunch a nihilistic neanderthals causing CTE. But we can’t help ourselves.