One Game At A Time

So this is where we stand, with it all coming down to journeyman Joe Saunders, he of the career 3-7 record and 6.48 ERA against the Texas Rangers. The good news is that this 2012 Baltimore Orioles team has shirked expectations and sabermetrics all season long, posting their best single season record in well over a decade. For this bunch of Birds, the sum is clearly greater than the parts, especially when it comes to the starting pitching staff which has been led all season long by the ageless TBD.

#BUCKing the odds is something this group continues to relish as they enter Arlington with a motivational chip on their shoulders the size of the Chesapeake Bay. Tonight Yu Darvish will probably strike out 10, 3 by Mark Reynolds alone, as the Rangers carry a 4-1 into the top of the 8th. Being an Orioles fan this summer into fall has conditioned me to expect that some unexpected hero, whether it be Nate McLouth, Jim Thome, or Manny Machado, will bring Baltimore back before handing it over to the indomitable Jim Johnson in the 9th.

And from there New York. One game at a time.