One Book, Two Books

One book, two books.

Where did they go?

Why the editor and widow we all want to know.

What took them so long to reach the light of day,

and what’s with this moment to have one final say?


As kids, now parents, we hold both authors proudly.

One famous for a cat, the other Boo Radley.

Scout and Atticus, the Lorax and Grinch,

what you accomplished wasn’t a cinch.


Now after all these passing years what to make of these latest editions.

Should we hold them as gospel or some form of sedition?

One from the good Dr. about house pets and tough choices,

the other from the Mayor of Monroeville who altered characters voices.


The patriarch, our protagonist, a symbol of strength and conviction.

Reduced to anger and bigotry please let it remain fiction.

Of course as they say these new stories have more meaning.

Beyond lessons, morals and capitalists leanings.

For no icon is too sacred when money is to be made,

legends belong in the light not hidden by the shade.


Ted and Ms. Lee we hold your words dear.

Growing up your books helped us make sense of our fear.

And we promise to read your latests creations,

regardless the provenance of publishers inclinations.


As you will forever remains titans for the stories you’ve told.

For hearts and minds young while our bodies grow old.