Nobody Puts The Jimmer in the Corner

Allow me to be the 25,000th blogger to say a few words about Jimmer Fredette this morning.  Let’s start with the obvious., the Jimmer single-handedly led his BYU Cougar team to a 71-58 upset victory over #4 ranked San Diego State.  When I say “single-handedly” what I mean to say is that if you were to take away the Jimmer’s 43 points, BYU would have lost by 30. It’s simple math really. The Jimmer is emerging as something more than a Mormon folk hero. He has become a national sensational who has justifiably drawn the attention of the entire basketball world.

I love this picture from Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker @kirkmorrison55. The Jimmer looks like a Roman Emperor just back from conquering Gaul, ready to address his adoring mob. We need to put @fivethrityeight on the case to see if the Jimmer should run for political office in Utah someday soon. From the looks it, the Jimmer is already the people’s choice.

As far as Jimmer the basketball player goes, I’m amazed by his balance and range.  He has the innate ability to get his feet set and upper body square to the basket. Even when he looks out of control he someone manages to settle himself and get off a decent shot. Also, he has in the gym range. As soon as the Jimmer crosses half court he’s got to be thinking about chucking up a shot.  As a defender, you better have a hand in his face as soon as he touches the ball in the backcourt.

What are the chances that the Jimmer and BYU make a run deep into the NCAA tourney? Lots of people are making the Steph Curry/Davidson comparison.  It’s probably going to come down to seeding/draw because I don’t see BYU getting past consecutive opponents who are both bigger and more athletic .

One final observation, why don’t I get CBS College Sports Network?  C’mon Comcast!!! You’re in charge of a massive media monopoly and the least you could do is show your customers some measure of appreciation.  And while you’re at it, I’ll take the Fox Sports Soccer Channel as well.