New Year’s Resolutions for Sports Fans

New Year’s Resolutions for Sports Fans

We resolve to limit our sports viewing to one device at a time.

We resolve to remaining a contributing member of society even after our favorite team suffers a devastating loss.

We resolve to playing Candyland with our sons and daughters for the 10th time that day over checking twitter for the latest update on that Mountain West basketball game between Boise St and Air Force.

We resolve to voice our opinions in a passionate yet respectful manner.

We resolve to refrain from insulting the intelligence/appearance of a player or coach. Remember, they all have parents. Wives, husbands and children too.

We resolve to take a deep breath before posting anything hurtful or derogatory on social media.

We resolve to always tip the waitstaff no less than 20% even when our jalapeño poppers come out luke warm.

We resolve to limit our living room celebrations to a solitary fist pump.

We resolve to stay down in front.

We resolve to playing catch in between innings or at the half.

We resolve to limit our pre game portions. Why settle for the entire bread bowl of spinach & artichoke dip when half would more than suffice?

We resolve to leave the last beer or hot wing for a guest.

We resolve to be the designated driver.

We resolve to teach our children about sports history. From Magic to Michael. Marino to Montana. Griffey to the Big Hurt.

We resolve to re-watch all the sports movie classics. Hoosiers. Raging Bull. Slap Shot. Caddyshack.

We resolve to give the WNBA another shot.

We resolve to fully embrace this summer’s upcoming women’s World Cup.

We resolve to celebrate the accomplishments of the current all time greats even if they are not our favorite players.

We resolve to allow our kids the freedom to pick their own favorite teams.

We resolve to visit Cameron Indoor. Augusta and Churchill Downs too.

We resolve to clean up after ourselves at a tailgate.

We resolve to report abusive behavior in the stadium.

We resolve to watch what we say especially in the company of the young and impressionable.

We resolve not to shelter our kids from the immorality of famous athletes but rather use their transgressions as a catalyst for productive discourse.

We resolve to remain our children’s role models.

And finally, we resolve to always keep sports in their proper context.