NBA Watchability Index for Parents: January 13, 2015

We were gifted a video monitor for the baby’s room so we could eventually watch our son sleep in his crib and now I’m freaked out because I worry that one late night I’ll look at the screen and see some sort of specter or vision out of Paranormal Activity hovering over the mobile.

NBA Watchability Index for Parents: January 13, 2015

5 Baby Bottles (until those little eyes glaze over)

No games

4 Baby Bottles (make sure to tilt that little head upright)

San Antonio Spurs @ Washington Wizards (7:00 PM)

The defending champs are mired in a mid season slump which we have come to assume they will snap out of in time to make a deep run in the playoffs only this time around the Western Conference is so good that they might not even qualify for the postseason if players like Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker aren’t 100% healthy. Could this really be the year? It’s going to happen eventually one would assume.

3 Baby Bottles (just a quick swaddle and rock)

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Phoenix Suns (9:00 PM)

The levels and layers of dysfunction currently plaguing this Cavs team are beyond perplexing. Even with LeBron on the Ohio State sidelines, they still have Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love and that should be good enough to avoid 5 game losing streaks. Unless Love and Kyrie aren’t as good as we thought. It’s all very confusing.

I’ll tell you what’s not confusing, that is Ohio State’s total dominance of Oregon in last night’s college football national championship. So much for assuming that the BigTen is void of athletes. WOW. Cardale Jones and Ezekiel Elliot can play for my college team any day, which is really not saying much since I went to a DIII school where the skills players were all heavier/bigger than the lineman. What’s scarier is that the Buckeyes should be even better next season which is good news for LeBron who I’m going to start to get a little suspicious about if he comes down with another ‘injury’ right around the same time that OH IO makes it’s push through the postseason.

Atlanta Hawks @ Philadelphia 76ers (7:00 PM)

Don’t sleep on the Sixers, winners of two games in a row and no longer the team with the worst record in basketball thanks to the Knicks ongoing ineptitude. The Hawks by the way have the third best record in all of basketball. Just in case you were still on the fence.

Dallas Mavericks @ Sacramento Kings (10:00 PM)

Someone who watches the Mavs on a regular basis tell me why Rajon Rondo is only averaging 8 assists since coming over from Boston. Is Monta Ellis hogging the ball again or what?

2 Baby Bottles (in between burps)

Golden State Warriors @ Utah Jazz (9:00)

Steph Curry, a huge Carolina Panthers fan, almost got into a fight with the 12 Man during the Panthers playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks. This is yet another reminder of why it’s always best to travel out in public with your own personal Draymond Green.

Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Lakers (10:30 PM)

Kobe Bryant still has the 4th most popular jersey in the NBA which perhaps more than anything else justifies his averaging 21 field goal attempts per game.

1 Baby Bottle (only during an emergency diaper change)

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Indiana Pacers (7:00 PM)

The Pacers have six, SIX, players averaging double digits in scoring which seems like a lot in the NBA. That Frank Vogel can coach.