How To Talk To Your Children About The Pope

“How To Talk To Your Children About The Pope”

Daddy, who’s Pope Francis?

Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church.

And why is he in America?

Because, there are millions of Catholics living in the United States and the upcoming United Nations General Assembly in NYC presented a global platform for the popular Pontifex to share his progressive thoughts on climate change, income inequality and immigration.

Then why are so many people saying that the Pope should stay out politics?

Because in this country we have a way of politicizing issues that have little to do with Republicans or Democrats. And with an election on the horizon in 2016 there are opportunists out there who seek to create division where none exists.

Is it true that over a million people listened to the Pope speak in Philadelphia?

Yes, it’s true. Just goes to show you how popular and powerful Pope Francis is.

If he’s so powerful then why is he driving a Fiat?

Well, this Pope prides himself on being one with with the people and it’s hard to convey empathy for the proletariat when riding around in the back of an armored Mercedes-Benz SUV. Plus, the Italian made Fiat is better on gas than most European made cars.

Even Volkswagen?

Yes, even Volkswagen.