Grown Man Seen Crying In Chicago

CHICAGO, November 3 – A grown man was seen crying early this morning as he walked alone up and down the streets of Old Town.

Initial reports indicated that he was in distress but eventually those nearby were able to verify that they were in fact tears of joy and relief not sadness.

“He was smiling the whole time,” said Millie Snyder a cashier at the nearby Treasure Island grocery store. “It was as if an enormous weight had been lifted from his shoulders and he was able to stand up straight for the first time in his life.”

The man could not be reached for comment however a mysterious note was later found posted outside the Second City Theater that authorities have determined could only have been written by a person in a state of blissful euphoria.

While the entirety of the message remains confidential until such a time that the author can be verified by forensic analysis, a small portion of note has been made public and goes as follows:

“It is only a game but the love shared by my city, my son, my mother represents a bond that cannot be broken by time or distance. I cry because the memory of this moment will last forever.”

In other news, the Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years.