Flying Over France

In my next life I shall return as a helicopter flying over the Tour de France, capturing images of the French countryside as the most famous bicycle race in the world travels through places like Paris and the Pyrenees, Normandy and Nice.

The grand sweeping beauty of hedgerows and pastures beneath. Historic palaces and fertile manors, both indicators of a revolutionary past and a peaceful present.

There will be moments of concern and trepidation as the thin air whirls past my propellor while ascending the steep slopes of the Alps. But my spirit will be emboldened while watching world class riders rise to the occasion, legs and hearts aching, starving for more oxygen.

Yellow is the goal for them, but for me, a helicopter, the clear blue skies be enough as I toast another great adventure down the Champs-Elysees. My one true Arc de Triomphe.