Fire Extinguishers Make For Bad Sparring Partners

Amar’e Stoudemire may or mor not have ended his participation in the 2012 playoffs after punching the glass encasing around a fire extinguisher in the Knicks locker room following a demoralizing defeat to the Miami Heat in game 2 of their first round playoff series. At this point in his decorated/profitable career, the savvy veteran Stoudemire has got to know better. As a team leader with several years of playoff experience already under his belt he should have known that the dirty clothes hamper in the middle of the visitors locker room was the best outlet to physically vent your frustration while at the same time avoid season ending butterfly sutures. Fire extinguishers are not fit to be punching bags. Great for putting out fires but not an ideal sparring partner. Same goes for metal lockers and tiled shower stalls. Amar’e should have chosen something with a little more give which is why the linen cart makes so much more sense. Adding to its utility, the dirty uniform receptacle is low to the ground meaning Stoudemire could have resorted to an English Premier League style drop kick because he was better off using his feet anyway, especially if he was still wearing his size 15 Air Force Ones.

Bottom line Amar’e is that we all get “Heated” and want to take our exasperation out on inanimate metallic objects. At this point it’s important that you are able to learn from your mistakes. Forget for a second that your childish behavior was simply a case of misplaced anger directed at that ball hog Carmelo Anthony and focus all your energy on keeping your hand elevated and wrapped in a plastic baggy during bathing.

view from the Knicks locker room courtesy of @WindhorstESPN