Dylan Bundy Is In The Building

After outlasting the Seattle Mariners in an epic 5+ hour, 18 inning affair that ended around 4am EST, the Baltimore Orioles have decided to call up prized 19 year old pitching prospect Dylan Bundy to help provide some much needed relief for an overtaxed bullpen. This news makes me incredibly happy.

For months now I, like most O’s fans, have been drooling on my keyboard while watching highlights like this. It’s gotten to the point where my baseball arousal level is so high that future links to Bundy’s pitching exploits should be labeled as NSFW. His numbers in the minor leagues are equally as provocative. 9-3 with a 2.08 ERA striking out 119 in 103 innings while only giving up 67 hits. These are just the sort of numbers that can force Oriole fans to jump into a cold shower.

And now Dylan Bundy is flying up to Seattle where he will join the big league club for their series finale against the Mariners this evening. It’s much too early to say what kind of impact he is going to make on the field. Chances are he’ll conduct his business from the bullpen which has been so, so good for the Birds all season long but could also definitely use a fresh arm down the stretch.

Bundy’s call up has a chance to make an even bigger impact in the clubhouse where his Orioles teammates will instantly recognize and appreciate the front office’s willingness to contend this season. With only 14 games remaining in the regular season Baltimore is one game in the loss column behind the Yankees for the AL East lead and 3 games ahead of the Angels for the second wild card. “Wait till next year” is not a phrase Oriole fans care to hear this September, not when we’ve been accustomed to losing for oh so long.

And now Dylan Bundy’s coming to Baltimore and we couldn’t be more excited.