Djoker’s Wild

An Ace trumps a King.

Well, in this case it was also a magnificent return of serve that took down the GOAT, reducing the greatest to have ever grazed grass to little more than a pile of dust and dismay.

Even a late rain delay wasn’t enough to rejuvenate the sod or the Swiss’ fortunes. This Championship Sunday was a day for the Serb, his third Wimbledon title has him rubbing shoulders and legacies with all time greats Johnny Mac and his coach Boris Becker, who during this men’s final resisted the urge to illegally instruct or cajole an apprentice who, in the end, required very little additional guidance or motivation.

2015 has been quite a year for the world’s #1 and there is no reason to believe that Novak’s genius will end in the quiet suburbs of London. More titles will be won. Records meant to be broken.

And a year from now, when the grass has grown green once again, don’t be surprised when history repeats itself as Djokovic goes for three in a row over the ageless wonder that is Roger Federer. Still, even in defeat, the one true King of the court, Wizard of Wimbledon.