Cormac McCarthy Once Wrote About U.S. Cellular Field

The answer to the question is 9.13. That was Minnesota Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano’s earned run average heading into last night’s game against the Chicago White Sox. Oh, and just in case you haven’t heard yet, Francisco Liriano, he of the 9.13 ERA, threw a no hitter last night, first no hitter thrown in the big leagues this season. As John Sterling would say “I mean Suzyn it truly is an amazing game”.

I caught the final half inning of the game and here are my two major takeaways: 1) When it’s cold, and the White Sox are bad, U.S. Cellular Field looks like a place out of a Cormac McCarthy novel. Needless to say I would not have wanted be in that Dodge Caravan heading back to Gary, Indiana.

2) Is it just me or did the Twins post no hitter celebration seem somewhat forced? It had a bizarre Al kissing Tipper feel to it. Perhaps Liriano is not the most popular player on the Twins. Or maybe the team was just too cold and wanted to get back inside to the clubhouse. Whatever the case may be, I was expecting something a little bit more like this.

view from U.S. Cellular Field courtesy of @newtonslawpc