College Football: The 12th Man is a Living, Breathing Human Entity

Last night saw me watching a lot of Big 12 football: Baylor v. Oklahoma, Missouri at Iowa State, and finally a nice upset of Nebraska by Texas A&M at the home of the 12th man!

More interestingly perhaps, I was parked in front of the TV next to a genuine, Oklahoma raised, Oklahoma State alumnus. His passion for the game, and knowledge of opponents players was impressive. I realized that in so many parts of the country, college conferences are the sports leagues to follow.

With all the shake-ups and teams departing for greener, wealthier pastures, I wonder how fans with a more passionate engagement to their local NCAA football conference are handling the change. The adoption of the BCS, and the creation of a National Championship game opened the door for these reorganizations. Bowl games have lost significance through constant expansion and teams fighting for more revenue and greater exposure. It is not particularly interesting to me to see two .500 teams fighting it out on December 29th in the “Eukanuba Puppy Bowl”.

So, the question remains, keep the BCS or abandon the current model for a national playoff?  Share your views.