An Undefeated Season For Kentucky Is Good For College Basketball

I’m rooting for the 2014-15 University of Kentucky basketball team to remain undefeated this season and you should too. Unless that is you’re member of the ’72 Miami Dolphins and just hate fun or one of those overly nostalgic types who long for the days of Lew Alcindor when freshman sat out a year and players still shot at a peach basket. (Remember, back then there was also no such thing as a three point line and dunking was considered a sin so be very careful what you wish for.) Those days have long since passed and the swooshed-out mercenaries that Coach Cal brings into Lexington each year remain the most accurate representation of big-time modern day college basketball that we have. Therefore as fans we should celebrate their accomplishments not bemoan or belittle their ethics and character simply because we don’t appreciate the way they treat college like a 6 month long audition for the NBA.

If you want to blame someone blame the NCAA. Or the NBA. They’re the ones who perpetuate this system and unless they institute changes (two and done or retain eligibility after playing in the D-league) the Kentucky/Kansas/Duke/Carolina/UCLA’s of the world will keep on recruiting one and done talent.

Furthermore, an undefeated season for Kentucky is good for college basketball because we, and I use the term “we” liberally here because a lot of us weren’t even born back then, haven’t seen a team run the table since the Indiana Hoosiers in 1976. That’s a long time to wait for another undefeated college basketball team therefore the longer Kentucky goes without losing a game the more sports fans will take notice and celebrate the accomplishments of a group of players who, frankly, would be deserving of our praise.

So be like me and cheer on the Wilcats as they cruise through the mediocre SEC and on into March Madness. And no, the University of Kentucky basketball team would not beat the Philadelphia 76ers.

Maybe just the New York Knicks.