An Ode To Opening Day

Baseball is back, hope springs eternal.
With buntings unfurled, red white and blue waving in the wind.
America’s Pastime has returned, a nation of loyal fans rejoice.

Ballparks stand ready, having risen from their long winter slumber.
The grass freshly cut, the dirt perfectly groomed and adorned with strategically placed white lines.
Fair or foul, sports’ swiftest form of justice remains intact.

Outside the gates, people wait with pennants in tote, ticket stubs still a source of great nostalgia.
Past the turnstiles the smell of popcorn and hot dogs permeate the senses, returning all to a time long ago.
Follow the flood of fellow fans through the tunnel and out into the open air of the stadium where you’ll soon be drowned in a sea of childhood memories.

To be a kid again is the goal of so many.
Baseball is a sport that welcomes all ages to share in the creation of timeless traditions and era-less etiquette.
A simple tip of the cap and you’ll be transported back to the sandlot and a phase of life so full of hope and opportunity.

Underneath the seats, the clubhouse sits still with uniforms hanging hauntingly like ghosts waiting for their inhabitants to arrive.
From places like Florida and Arizona they come having spent months working out the kinks in the warm sun.
Grips have been shaped, swings are on plane, geometry an essential building block for success.

Preparing for this moment, when the box score matters and the standings an ultimate manifestation of a meritocracy.
Players earn their keep in this game, follow the money and you will find some of the best.
For Kershaw Cabrera and Trout this game wasn’t always about the eight figures, but love.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes including diamonds filled with routine double plays and dramatic leaps of faith.
Love is what it takes to overcome obstacles and remain disciplined, patience a precursor for prevailing throughout an unrelenting summer.
Love knows no bounds, no warning tracks or dugout railings.

Love for this game will fill stands across the country.
Fathers, sons, friends and foes will gather together to applaud their hero’s triumphant return home.
The goal remains the same. October, we can all dream.

It’s Opening Day, a day to rejoice, a day to embrace.
Watch with joy as the season unfolds and dreams come true.
Tis the season, of Baseball.