A Present Built To Last

A Present Built To Last – by Jonathan Lord

No words they say can describe exactly how we feel
But without these words how ever shall we heal?

The morning after carries with it moments of deep repose
Alone and surrounded by darkness our greatest fears expose.

Bodies naked and afraid contorted in suspicion
Of an authority ruling without consent or permission.

Insecurity and anger gave rise to tragedy and power,
But be not afraid of this the darkest hour.

For failure is not the enemy, failure is a friend
Knocked down but back up again, why, how did you think this would end?

The challenge of our time must be met with courage and resolve
Together with conviction a civil society can evolve.

Let voices lead to action for a very common cause
Fighting fear and hatred and all things which tend to give us pause.

With strength and solidarity against the guardians of the gate
Armed with truth and justice for all, some things mustn’t wait.

Because love is not a theory, love is something very real
We see it in our children whose hearts we must now deal.

We see it in the friends whose hands we hold so tight
Whose help we now rely to help set these things right.

We see it in sworn enemies the very people we oppose
Those we share more in common, so the story goes.

If prejudice runs skin deep then when we pull the pigment back,
The blood that boils through our veins looks the same, neither white brown or black.

The collective core of humanity must now reveal it’s benevolent soul
Our bodies merely vessels, each of us part of a larger whole.

Young and old recognizing the fight for progress that most follow
Convictions of all colors showing that these words are more than hollow.

And once these voices of the future merge with spirits from the past,
Our legacy shall echo through all of time, a present built to last.