A Morning of Thanks and Appreciation

Last night, the #1 ranked team in college basketball lost for the first time all season. Usually this would be the lead story on most major news outlets and sports blogs.  But not today.  No today is a little different. Following the moving tribute by the President and others last night, today is all about remembering those we lost in the horrific shooting in Tucson last Saturday. It’s also important to keep our thoughts with Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and all  others injured who are currently fighting to stay alive.

Sports continues to be the ultimate form of escapism for Americans.  We look to sports as a release from the daily grind of our jobs and responsibilities.  The never ending cycle of breaking news and commentary will continue to roll along. But sometimes, like this morning, we should all step away from our iPads and twitter apps and take a second to appreciate what we have and how fortunate it is to be alive.

view of FSU/Duke courtesy of @smar1e