A Baseball Buffet

A second half. Before the belly has been filled. When the appetite still hungers.

A Major League baseball season is not all that different from a four course meal. Spring Training is the soup, warm and salty like your favorite tomato bisque. The first half of the regular season is the appetizer, just enough to hold you over until the main course arrives. After the all-star break and up through September is the entree, the meat of the regular season when the contenders separate themselves from the pretenders like marrow out of the bone. Dessert is the postseason when the survivors indulge in the opportunity at history and the eternal sweetness of a World Series championship.

But back to the second half of the season, a story about to be written. This is the time when doubts are raised and the cream rises to the top. When teams swap high priced stars for unproven prospects like a patron at a five star restaurant returning an undercooked steak in the hopes that it will return at the right temperature just as the colder weather hits and three scoops of the postseason awaits.

Questions about the menu are quite common this time of year. Can the Astros continue their season du jour? Will Missouri remain the chef’s choice with both the Royals and Cardinals playing like a couple slabs of prime cut? And will the Cubs remain in the race like fresh catch or will their season spoil like so many barrels of fish before?

Baseball fans understand that with the second half of the season about to begin now is not the time for the squeamish, for the faint of heart and stomach. If you want to have what it takes to make it through to dessert you better take a few deep breaths and loosen up the belt a couple notches because from here on out the food is served fast and eyes become bigger than stomachs.